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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I am currently busy making trees as seen on the following blog I base all my tree on Hexagonal bases and will be showing you these as well.

The hexagonal base is 3mm thick MDF board and the tree trunk is a 6.5mm plastic tube cut to various heights.

Here the trunk has been inserted and the base covered with gravel.

Here are the various shapes single, double and triple painted in brown. The tree trunks still need to be textured and painted and the bases still need to dry brushed and flocked.

This is how the tree looks after shaping.

With this tree I experimented with tea leaves as the flocking material, I must say I am quit pleased with the outcome. An excellent looking Autumn tree!

Here is another experiment, I have just sprayed this tree green and I think it looks good for Summer.

This is my forest in waiting.

and another...

I will keep you posted as I go along.


  1. Good and quick idea GReg!
    Easy to build!

  2. Nice idea, the tree looks great!

  3. Love the trees but can't duplicate them. What kind of material is the basic tree formed from -rope fiber?

  4. Ringo, The rope used is known a sisal twine or rope. Have a look here this might help