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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stone Walls Update

I have just completed the molds of the gate section and two different straight sections. These photos will show each new section.

The gate section. The gate will be added later and will be made from wood strips.

The first straight section.

The second straight section. This section differs from the first section.

A small walled field created using the different sections.

A few Airfix Germans added for scale comparison.


Now I need to get back to casting!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stone Walls

I created a master of a broken stone wall. It was created from aquarium stones on a wooden base. I then made a mold of the master. The master was destroyed in the removal process. Here are a few photos of the cast wall.

This is the production line at present.

This is the mold.

Here I have combined the wall section with the wooden fences for reference.

I am now waiting for the gate section and 2 different straight section molds to set. Will keep you posted.

Trees Update

Trees sprayed green and inserted into bases.

The tree trunks still need to be painted and the trees still need to be flocked.