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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flak Nest

Finally I have had some time to get something done. Here are few photos of a flak nest I made, a short tutorial follows.

Here is the tutorial.

I use a hexagonal MDF base as I want it to fit in my forest.

Dill holes for the upright support poles.

Lay the floor planks (coffee sticks).

Glue in the upright support poles (BBQ skewers).

Glue the horizontal logs to desired height.

Cut upright support poles to desired height.

Add gravel for ground surface.

 Prime black.

Paint all the logs.

Paint all ground surfaces.

The following photos are for size comparison. A few Airfix Germans added. 

 The flak will follow as soon as it is complete. Dry brushing and flocking will be done later.

Hope you like and that it was useful.