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Friday, April 22, 2011

Church Windows

I thought I would add some character to my village church, so I added some stain glass windows. After printing some stain glass windows on plastic film I was ready to start..

Windows glued into place.

 A complete shot of the church.

An evening shot.

A simple idea that adds so much character.


  1. That´s a really good idea.
    Did you use a normal printer??

  2. Excellent work. I've been thinking about stained glass windows and I thought I'd end up using glass paint, but this is a great idea. I especially like the night view.

  3. Very cool Greg, highly original idea, show us more how you did this

  4. Thanks all. Paul I used a color toner printer for the printing and A4 plastic sheets to print on. Al I got a pic of the windows of the net, hope I don't get into trouble with copyright, sized it in Corel Draw and then printed it. I cut the window out with a small edge around the image on which to put the glue, it is then glued to the inside of my building. Will put up a few more pics to show you..


  5. You are an architect !!! Compliments !!

  6. A very clever idea, implemented nicely!
    Great work GReg!!

  7. Hi, i've selected your blog for the stylish blogger award.

  8. I almost missed this post! What a shame :)
    What you have done is some great idea!
    I was already wondering how I should do these windows, now I know!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Cheers, Mojo