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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Panther Ausf A with Zimmerit

The Plastic Soldier Company will have the Panther Ausf A with Zimmerit in stock shortly.

The only gripe I have with PSC is that the box only contains 2 kits and not 3 as per normal and is selling for the same price as the 3 model kits. I think a price adjustment is needed or an additional kit needs to be added.


  1. Hi Greg,
    Stumbled upon that too. Will simply not buy it for this price, when I can get two Revells for only a few bucks more :-/

  2. Three was the magic number, that meant you had an instant squadron/ of tanks. This is a shame.

    1. You'd need 5 for a platoon anyways:


  3. Damn, I was looking forward to having three of these, and one Revell to act as commander. I wouldn't mind if they did this with the Tigers, but these Panthers are just a shame.

    Still getting a box though.

  4. I was knocked for my statement on a few forums. People recon it is worth the price due to the amout of plastic used being such a large kit. Others stated the tooling cost more due to the Zimmerit. All valid reasons!