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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Coal Piles

Some coal piles to add character to the battlefield.


  1. Such a simple idea, but well executed and really effective. Nice work!

  2. Greg fantstic work as usual. What did you use the to recreate the coal?

    Also, I seem to remember a year or more ago you mentioned you were going to attempt a river. Am I right? Did you have a go?

    1. Thanks Andrew. The coal is a black gravel that is used locally for sandblasting. You could also use pool pump gravel and just spray it black it will have the same effect. Yes I have started on the river just need to do the water effect and the flocking on the banks. It is on hold till I make up my mind on what to use for the water.

    2. Greg thanks for the info. Lookign forward to how you tackle the river. I've been thinking about doing one but like you am stuck on how to do the water effect.