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Monday, February 7, 2011

Yard 1

The following was inspired by Byzantium and Thanos. My houses need a bit more body so I decided to create a few interchangeable yards\gardens to resolve this issue. The next few photos show the making of the first one, a wooden panel fence with a gate at the back.

These yards\gardens will be interchangeable and will fit any of the four houses. As I progress I will upload W.I.P. photos.


  1. Simply magnificent Greg!!!
    You are gifted mate!!!
    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog!I appreciate it!! :-)

  2. Wicked detail, good job on that Greg

  3. Thats a talent you have there, very nice work.

  4. Thank you all for the kind words.
    You are welcome T.

  5. The fence is brilliant,then I scrolled down to the house and thats amazing!

    Cheers Rich.

  6. Very nice indeed, particularly enjoy the way you can use the house with or without.

    Viva La Coffee Sticks!

  7. I'm looking for a good way to make gardens particularly what to used for plants and stuff can't seem to find anything . Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Ricky I have the following. Using stiff bristles from a paint brush take a single bristle and dip it into PVA take the bristle and dip it into some woodland scenic colour flock (orange or yellow) and then stick the bristle into a clump foliage cluster (any green colour of your choice) and there you have it a bush with a flower. Keep adding more of these bristles to give it a fuller look.